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Full Circle Management, created in 1999, is a Sales Practice based in Chicago, IL that helps businesses get more business.

Full Circle Management (FCM) describes itself as a Sales Practice. What exactly does that mean?

FCM is not a sales consulting firm. We learned pretty quickly that companies don't need detailed reports and research that tell them they need to increase sales and decrease expenses to grow profitably. Companies actually want the tools to help them sell more and decrease expenses. They often don't have the time or the human resources to implement the systems themselves quickly although they recognize it's a high priority and needs to be done. By listening to the market we began to develop services that meet those needs.

Wow. Sounds impressive. How exactly do you help companies grow profitably?

The first step is a diagnostic interview. One of our representatives sits down with the management team of the company to learn about their company, the industry, the opportunities and challenges they face. We use an Appreciate Inquiry model to learn what the company is doing right.

We analyze the company's strengths. Through this process we often help our clients better identify their unique selling position (USP) helping them to strengthen their competitive advantages and further define their message in the marketplace.

Through the interview process we'll evaluate the effectiveness of the prospecting system, database management, level of sales expertise, customer service systems, operational efficiencies and credit procedures. From what we learn we make some recommendations that will produce short-term results as well as develop a long range plan.

Operational efficiencies, credit procedures and customer service don't sound like sales functions. Why do you get involved here?

It doesn't matter how much money is flowing through the front door (if twice as much is escaping out the back door through flawed systems and inconsistent servicing delivery. Our goal is to create sales systems that encompass not only a high caliber sales team but create an environment for effortless repeat business and a platform for growth.

So how do you do it?

The tools we provide are:

Company-Specific Sales Training
Executive Level Sales Support
Sales Representative Training & Follow Up
Market Researc