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Executive Level Sales Support FAQs

Large Account Marketing is a detailed, complex process. FCM developed Executive Level Sales Support to high-level executive sales professionals that need assistance with the time consuming process of identifying new prospects and working on multi-million dollar transactions. The executives we work with know how to sell. They need help managing all of the fine points that must be attended to in complex transactions. These sales cycles can often take up to three years to execute. The winners are those that have the most consistent professional execution and enticing offer. FCM makes sure Executives are always at the forefront with Executive Level Sales Support.

What is Executive Level Sales Support™?

Large, complex sales transactions are often managed by executives of organizations. Many people are familiar with the statistic "80% of all sales are made after the 5th call. Most sales people call 1X and quit, 48% call 2X and quit, only 10% keep calling." In today's environment top-level contacts at corporations are very difficult to reach. E-mail, voice mail, and harried travel schedules are barriers that need to be overcome to create the opportunity to begin a sales dialogue.

What makes Executive Level Sales Support™ successful?

We understand that we won't be successful in making a cold phone call to the CEO of a Fortune 500 company - so we don't do it. We carefully build a strategy to earn the right to begin a dialogue with an executive. We invest a lot of time in understanding our client's unique selling position so that we can create compelling sales statements in personal letters and follow up phone calls that will intrigue a buyer enough to grant us the opportunity to proceed with more information. We understand that an executive decides within 7 seconds whether or not the information presented to them has value. We manage that first 7 seconds very carefully. From this process, the sales cycle begins.

What experience do your callers have?

Alicia Dale, founding partner of Full Circle Management personally trains our callers for this exclusive service. We find that the long-term, complex sales cycle is so nebulous; a critical success factor in the process is that the caller has the business sense to field any objection and overcome any anticipated obstacle in the first 7 seconds of contact.

Our Executive Level Sales Support callers are caller educated. Some have actual sales experience. Others enjoy the behind the scenes report. Our high caliber callers are a positive reflection upon the executives we serve.

What services are included in Executive Level Sales Support™?

  • Development of selling messages
  • Identifying the client's unique selling position
  • Carefully crafted letters to Executives
  • Follow up phone calls
  • Creative, attention-getting voicemails
  • Drafts of follow up letters and notes
  • Updates in SalesInSync™, web-based database management
  • Callers are available to attend meetings and make personal calls
  • Sales Coaching and recommendations as requested

How do we get started?

Alicia Dale

for a specific quote.