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"We tried Telemarketing before and it Doesn't Work"

Source: Too Many to List
Before they met us!

Most sales organizations want a steady stream of new opportunities for their sales reps to work on. Our TeleIntelligence programs do just that. We call our B2B telemarketing TeleIntelligence because we do more than just cold call, we're actually gathering market data so that each company we work with will have a better understand of their marketplace and a better idea of what companies are interested in buying what they're selling.

We are successful because we pay detailed attention to the process. Successful B2B Telemarketing involves more than being friendly, picking up the phone and making a call. As we've stated before there is no magic in sales. Our key success factors include:

  • High Caliber, Well-trained Callers Working in a Positive Environment
    Many callers have been with us 5 years or more and we have not had turnover in more than a year. Our callers come from all walks of life and professional backgrounds. We are careful to maintain a positive, environment. Our call center is definitely not a sweat shop.

  • Prospect List Selection
    We apply a thoughtful process to prospect list selection. Prospect lists can include dormant customers, trade show lists, Industry lists, and geographic targets. We profile ideal prospects and customers to find more companies that fit their profile. We use an 8 digit SIC target to identify new targets. Lists are continually monitored and honed for accuracy.

  • Caller Selection and Training
    Each caller is given an overview of the company that will be working with. A minimum of two callers are assigned to each account. The callers consistently work with their accounts. Eventually they begin to become so familiar with the companies they work with, they begin to act as a seamless extension of the organizations staff.

  • Script Development
    A prospect decides within 7 seconds whether or not they will end a phone call. The first 7 seconds of the callers script are critical. We work closely with our clients to develop a compelling 7-second statement to ensure that we earn the right to continue to speak with the prospect. Our callers do not sound scripted. They engage in a conversational dialogue with each prospect. The script is simply a place to start.

  • Sales Person Follow Up
    Aggressive, enthusiastic follow up is necessary to bring the new opportunity to the next step, to actually begin the sales cycle. Our most successful programs have resulted when sales people eagerly follow up on the opportunities we send their way.

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