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Company-Specific Sales Training

There are no "off the shelf" training programs at Full Circle Management. We understand that each company has individual strengths and unique challenges that cannot be addressed by a "one size fits all" program.

There are 3 components of the Sales Training development:

  1. Management Review - an assessment from the management team of what the new business goals and objectives are. We ask them to evaluate the sales staff, the operations and the current market place.

  2. Sales Rep Assessment - a minimum of 3 interviews are conducted with Sales reps. We speak to a top performer, a mid performer and one that needs improvement to understand the current skill level and determine what the greatest obstacles are to success. These interviews are very telling and help us to design a meaningful program.

  3. Sales Support/Follow Up -- The biggest complaint from management is that Sales Training often motivates for a day or two but doesn't change behavior for long. To ensure that the new skills are understood and being implemented, we have designed a 6-month follow up plan which can be customized to the need of the organization.

Sales Support includes (at the client's request)

  • Follow Up group sales meetings to discuss challenges and brainstorm solutions and plan execution strategies
  • One on One support - evaluation of telephone selling techniques. Audio recordings are provided for the benefit of the sales person.
  • One on One support - traveling with a sales person and attending customer/prospect visits to offer ideas, insight and support
  • Coordination of cold calling sales blitzes

Our Trainers are not "trained trainers". They are sales reps that have a minimum of 10 years successful sales experience. They live the challenges of sales every day and practice the proven tools of success. There is no magic in sales. There are real skills that need to be learned and practiced consistently.

Program development takes 4 to 6 weeks. Sessions can be held on-site
or off-site at the company's convenience.